Preventive Maintenance Program & Service

Whether you require a customized preventive maintenance program, a midnight service call, or an upgrade to an existing HVAC or electrical system, one call to Air Systems’ service department can see you on the way to high-performing facilities and equipment.

We understand that anything but the best from your facilities and equipment can mean money lost, that’s why we’re on call exactly when you need us, night or day, rain or shine. Our commitment to your success is one of our key strengths. 

System Upgrades, Commercial Energy Audit, Budget Assistance & Warranty Programs

Our experts can perform regular preventive maintenance procedures that will give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’ve taken the right measures to avoid power failures and the disruption and down time that can result.

With over 175 fully equipped vehicles, our factory-trained technicians and NEBB-certified field technicians are available to handle any service request, including HVAC maintenance and HVAC preventative maintenance.

Proper preventive maintenance will reduce disruptions caused by emergency repairs or replacement of equipment when it breaks down.

An HVAC maintenance contract with us includes system energy audits/evaluations, capital budget assistance, web-enabled service status and history, and the best warranty program in the industry.

Our preventive maintenance (PM) agreements provide multiple winning benefits to Air Systems' customers:

  • Reduction on your "Total Cost of Ownership" by reducing repair costs and lowering energy consumption through optimization of equipment while extending the useful life of your equipment
  • 24/7 priority access to our highly experienced, factory-trained technicians, operating with 175 fully equipped vehicles
  • One-year parts and labor warranty on ALL repairs for maintenance customers
  • Access to our project engineering staff when you need building system upgrades/replacement, building energy cost analysis, and budget planning 

Contact us today to learn how a preventive maintenance program with Air Systems, complete with a commercial energy audit, a preventive maintenance program, and HVAC preventive maintenance services, can help protect your business from costly downtime.