Building Information Modeling Services

Building information modeling (BIM) services, including BIM construction and BIM technology, is today's fastest and most cost-effective project management strategy. It's an area in which Air Systems is a consistent leader.

Building Information Modeling Solutions

Preconstruction-Coordinatio.gifBIM modeling is a model-based design process of generating and managing building data. This BIM technology brings a greater level of control and value to your construction project. And it can also be integrated with building automation systems to make sure that value and control extend throughout the lifecycle of your building.

As the project’s BIM manager, we help ensure smooth project delivery by openly collaborating with owners, architects, engineers, construction managers, and other subcontractors either in person or via teleconferencing.

During these meetings that are held during preconstruction before ground is broken, we build the integrated graphics and data system needed to assess a facility through three-dimensional visualization and BIM management. This allows us to:

  • Identify and resolve constructability issues early
  • Evaluate various system and equipment options to find the best solutions
  • Develop efficient trade and purchasing schedules
  • Maximize prefabrication opportunities
  • Create an integrated CAD, estimating, and fabrication systems’ database for more efficient information
  • Coordinate scheduling
  • Reduce costs by eliminating rework
  • Optimize safety

The result is the ability to design and build reliable, high-performance facilities more innovatively, efficiently, and faster than ever before. And when the building is turned over to the owner, BIM data enables more efficient facility management. The result is timely, cost-effective project completion and delivery.

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