Data Center Optimization

Anim_Pathlines_Returns.gifAir Systems’ data center services division has partnered with CoolSim to provide the most advanced CFD-based tool available for optimizing energy consumption in a data center.

CoolSim's unique approach combines airflow modeling using the industry-leading ANSYS CFD solver with a SaaS delivery model in data center cooling, giving you access to the same technology used by leading aerospace and automotive companies at an affordable price that is proportional to use.

With CoolSim you can:

  • predict cost savings resulting from data center modifications
  • use cloud-based computing for rapid and cost-effective simulations
  • determine maximum IT load and placement for a given data center
  • perform a comparative analysis of data center cooling system failure modes
  • optimize the design of a new or existing center for better data center management

Up to 75% of the non-IT energy used by a data center is consumed by the cooling system. By optimizing the data center airflow, the cooling efficiency can be improved and the operating costs reduced.

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