VMware Campus Phase 3 


3401 Hillview Avenue
Palo Alto, California 94301 

Scope of Services:

Design/Assist HVAC & Plumbing




This project consisted of three 85,000-square-foot 2-story office buildings, one 90,000-square-foot cafeteria building, and two parking garages totaling 448,000 square feet. Air Systems worked with the construction team and ME engineers to implement approximately $2.5 million dollars worth of value engineering ideas to help the owner not only save front-end costs, but also realize savings on maintenance and energy. The project schedule had all the buildings turning over within a month of each other, which required Air Systems to structure work crews accordingly.

Air Systems self-performed 3D BIM modeling on all mechanical and plumbing systems and was the design lead for coordination. The ductwork and piping had to run between the braces in the truss systems with very little room for error. A laser total station was used for precise hanger support locations to ensure product quality. The 3D BIM effort allowed for prefabrication of the boiler skids, restroom cores, ductwork, and piping mains in our shop. This not only minimized field installation time, but also improved the construction schedule.