San Jose, CA

LAM Research Corporation

Our long-term relationship and familiarity with our customer’s operations helped us design and build unique solutions for their specific challenges.

View of valves inside an exhausted enclosure

Value Delivered

Air Systems designed and fabricated a number of custom exhaust systems solutions for LAM’s laboratories. We created prototypes for two specific challenges in the customer’s labs and cleanrooms. After testing these models and finding they successfully solved the issue while minimizing production loss and disruption to other lab users, they have been adopted as the new future LAM standard.

Client Objectives

LAM wanted to bring their current laboratory facilities up to code and expand office and lab space. 

Additionally, LAM technicians had two specific challenges that required custom solutions. First, they wanted the ability to adjust flow to individual gas stick valves inside an exhausted enclosure without losing scrubbed exhaust pressure when opening the cabinet door. Second, they needed to provide a local exhaust system in their cleanrooms that would not disrupt other tool bays or process modules. 


We delivered the following:

  • Design-build services
  • Designed and fabricated two prototype solutions, which are now LAM standards, to specific exhaust challenges
  • Utilized EMCOR Group’s global purchasing agreements to procure difficult-to-find materials
  • Upgraded existing breakers and installed new breakers in electrical panels for new equipment
  • Ran new circuits for equipment, cabinets, heat wrap, and heat trace controllers
  • Extended busways, bus duct, raceways, and power strips
  • Installed new four-plex and duplex outlets, as well as custom equipment receptacles
  • Laid data cables and fire alarm, gas alarm, and shutdown cables

Client Background

Lam Research Corp. is a global supplier of innovative wafer fabrication equipment and services to the semiconductor industry.