Livermore, CA


We helped a long-term customer with a sophisticated facility renovation, delivering controls solutions on an accelerated timeline and finishing under budget.

Value Delivered

Air Systems designed and implemented a building automation/controls system for a highly controlled production facility, while also delivering economical building control solutions for more typical office space that exists in the building. Our services were fast-tracked, and costs came in under budget. We also delivered redundant system design for zero-to-minimal fabrication down time due to unforeseen mechanical system failure.

Client Objectives

FormFactor needed conditioning and control solutions for a 20,000-square-foot, Class 1,000 clean room, as well as their 5,000-square-foot office space. This buildout required the implementation of sophisticated mechanical and controls systems, so they turned to Air Systems to get the job done right.


We delivered the following:

  • Installed 5,000 feet of conduit and 4,000 feet of fabricated piping
  • Delivered six air-cooled chiller condensers, which included six multi-stack chillers with two chilled water pumps
  • Installed eight rooftop units for clean room interstitial cooling, warehouse cooling, and office cooling
  • Installed six split systems for indeterminate distribution frame room cooling
  • Installed three boilers with pumps, two humidifiers, and two reverse osmosis systems 
  • Provided power for 1,000 fan-powered HEPA units in the clean and lighting controls 
  • Installed plumbing systems for one restroom core in the office space 
  • Installed one generator, two 800-cubic-feet/minute compressed dry air systems, one process vacuum system, and one house vacuum system
  • Provided control solutions for multi-stack modular chillers, humidity-controlled make-up air units, recirculating air handlers, rooftop AC units, high-pressure process exhaust fans, metering electrical switch gear, and process gasses through the installation of nine battery management system control panels
  • Integrated the new building into FormFactor’s existing infrastructure, enabling the campus to be managed through one convenient user interface

Client Background

FormFactor, Inc. is a leading provider of essential test and measurement technologies along the full integrated circuit life cycle.