Project Location:

700 E. Middlefield Road, Mountain View, CA

Scope of Services:

Contractor for mechanical, electrical, HVAC controls, and structural engineering on three buildings. Energy efficient Variable Air Volume (VAV) system.


Synopsys had twelve rooftop VAV units on three commercial buildings that were over 25 years old. Old VAV systems’ maintenance and repair costs were escalating each successive year. ASI worked with the Synopsys' facility and finance teams to provide energy-efficient VAV systems, financial modeling, payback analysis, and utility rebate information.

A detailed roof structure analysis also had to be performed since the new VAV units with new roof curbs weighed more than the existing units. ASI detailed and built new metal roof curb adapters to match the new units with existing supply and return duct openings.

The work was performed over three separate weekends (one building per weekend) during the rainy winter months.

Old VAV units were disconnected and removed on Saturday morning and then new curbs and new units were installed with all VAV systems up and running by Sunday afternoon.

Customer Testimonial

"I know I can always count on Air Systems to take care of us."
      -Kathy Milligan/Synopsys


Old VAV Units Being Removed


New Roof Curbs Being Installed


New VAV Units Being Installed


New Energy Efficient VAV Systems