Mountain View, CA

Confidential Social Media Company

When a leading social media company needed to expand their headquarters, we supplied design-build HVAC solutions to meet and exceed their expectations.

Exterior view of our clients office building

Value Delivered

Air Systems designed and fabricated all HVAC systems on a fast-track schedule, while also providing efficiency systems to allow for lower energy consumption.

Client Objectives

In order to accommodate significant growth, our client leased a building in Mountain View, CA to house the company’s headquarters. The client needed a contractor to assist with the design-build from core and shell to tenant improvement of a three-story, 78,000-square-foot office space, which included a fitness center and garage.


We delivered the following:

  • Designed and installed acoustically quiet rooftop HVAC equipment per customer requirements to allow for company functions on the adjacent rooftop terrace
  • Installed two 90-ton, high-efficiency, ultra-quiet, variable air volume units
  • Equipped two redundant hot water boilers
  • Implemented a garage system with carbon monoxide exhaust controls
  • Installed variable refrigerant flow systems for the fitness center
  • Designed and installed exhaust equipment for locker rooms, showers, and restrooms

Client Background

Our client provides a communications application for smartphones that is used by over 900 million consumers to send text messages, images, videos, user locations, and audio media messages.