Lockheed B245


Lockheed B245
3251 Hanover Street B245
Palo Alto, California

Scope of Services:

HVAC, Process Piping, Architectural Sheet Metal and Plumbing


This building’s main purpose is to provide Lockheed Martin additional research and development space. The building is two stories with a total building area of 89,000 square feet for labs, offices, and common areas. Air Systems installed the HVAC, process piping, and plumbing for this project.

The HVAC system for this building is highlighted by central chilled and heating water plant . Two 200-ton water-cooled Trane screw chillers provide cooling for all the offices and lab spaces. High-efficiency condensing boilers provide heat to the building heating water system. The labs are single pass, with 100% outside air, and variable supply and exhaust dampers. The lab exhaust fans serve a common header that is 12’ x 8’ made in our fabrication shop.

Process piping and plumbing systems are essential to the function of this building. Systems include DI water, process-cooling water, process-chilled water, N2, CDA, vacuum, liquid nitrogen, argon, and helium. The piping system was installed with clean copper and stainless piping. We prefabricated all of the process piping main racks for cost and schedule reasons.

Plumbing systems installed included lab waste systems, emergency eyewash, and emergency shower installations. Restroom cores were prefabricated and pressure tested in our shop before they were installed.

Air Systems also installed the architectural sheet metal for this project. Standing seam roofing was installed between the main and test buildings along with other flashing on the project.

Of particular importance on this project was project coordination, due to the congested ceiling space. Air Systems took the lead in coordinating a 3D model to reduce conflicts in the field and increase the use of prefabrication. We also used a total station for precise hanger layout, pipe penetration locations, and installation.