Santa Clara, CA

Roche / Genia Technologies

Our mechanical, HVAC, and process piping solutions helped our customer realize improved working conditions and overall energy savings.

Exterior view of piping and HVAC systems

Value Delivered

Air Systems created and installed customized process piping systems for our customer’s facility renovation. We also installed state-of-the-art HVAC systems which resulted in a 12 percent reduction in energy costs, all while coming in under-budget on the overall project.

Client Objectives

The customer needed to expand both their research and development facilities as well as their offices to accommodate a staff increase from 40 to 400. Air Systems’ expertise in prefabrication and cutting-edge HVAC solutions helped us successfully complete this project on an accelerated timeline.


For this project, we:

  • Fabricated and installed plumbing and process piping for restroom cores, lab waste removal, and venting
  • Installed deionized water, process vacuum, and compressed dry air systems
  • Provided 16,000-cubic-feet/minute air handling units that utilize 100 percent outside air, have direct evaporative pre-cooler sections, and indirect run-around coil energy recovery sections
  • Installed three custom air handling units for the data center, sequencing labs, and open offices
  • Installed four 80-ton water-cooled modular chillers, 77 active chilled beam terminal units, and 135 supply air and exhaust variable air volume terminal units

Client Background

Roche is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world, and one of the leading providers of cancer treatments globally.