San Francisco, CA

Kaiser Permanente

Our prefabrication expertise helped us install a new MRI unit at an active health care facility with minimal disruptions.

Doctor reviewing an MRI scan

Value Delivered

Air Systems replaced an existing MRI unit with a new system, including related equipment and finishes. We leveraged our pre-fabrication capabilities to complete the project within a short time frame and with minimal disruption to the customer’s operations.

Client Objectives

Kaiser Permanente needed to install new MRI equipment, a project that included selective demolition and machinery relocation. They chose Air Systems for our reputation as facility services and process piping experts.


For this project we:

  • Conducted preconstruction planning and specification services 
  • Demolished and relocated equipment and fixtures
  • Installed new MRI system, related accessories, and finishes
  • Installed electrical and structural services, including 3,000 feet of conduit, 2,000 feet of fabricated piping, and four three-ton chillers
  • Completed finishes, electrical, mechanical, and structural work required to add a repetition time (TR) closet
  • Performed work after hours to minimize disruptions at the facility

Client Background

Kaiser Permanente is an integrated managed care consortium based in Oakland, CA. They are one of the largest nonprofit healthcare plans in the United States, with over 12 million members.