Green City Lofts


41st and Adeline St., Emeryville, CA

Scope of Services:

Architectural sheet metal design and installation focused on green building through the use of recycled construction products. Architectural sheet metal building included custom cut sheet metal for the standing seam metal roof panels, exhaust fan flashings, heavy-gauge eve vent flashing, ridge cap with plastic attic ventilation, gutters, downspouts, base flashing, painted infill fascia panels in red and silver, and reglet and counter flashing.


The Green City Lofts in Emeryville, CA, was a green building project using as many recycled construction products available and also making the project as economical as possible.

Some of the green residential buildings were equivalent to a five-story building in height with no material or man lift.

All materials were either hand lifted by rope or carefully brought up the spiral scaffold stairs.

There were many trades working in a confined amount of space with buildings on all four sides that made for a dangerous work area, so safety was a necessity.

This green building project was very unique in that the building is a very modern complex in a very old and industrial area with few buildings of its height.

Air Systems provided many mock-ups for the design team and construction team that became very helpful for decision making.


Down spouts and metal panels


Gutters and wall flashing


Balcony flashing


Infill Fascia Panels in Red & Silver