FormFactor B6


7005 South Front Road, Livermore, CA

Scope of Services:

Commercial HVAC Design and Build
Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing (MEP) Systems
Building Automation Systems (BAS)
Process Piping
Architectural Sheet Metal


This project started in July 2006 with a final deadline of April 2007 that was then extended to September 2007. The project scheduling was driven by Air Systems, who provided continuous support to TICO Construction, General Contractor.

Building 6 was an empty shell that was expanded and renovated using ASI custom cut sheet metal  and commercial electrical services into energy-efficient clean-rooms and office space. The customer requested an open "ballroom" clean-room design without a raised floor. The second clean-room was "bay and chase" without a raised floor.

Air Systems designed and installed the commercial HVAC, chilled and heating water system, process exhaust system, and building automation controls and plumbing. The mechanical design and build included an N+1 to ensure HVAC operates when failure occurs on any equipment.

In addition, ASI developed Basis of Design documents for process piping that encompasses nitrogen, compressed air system, vacuum system-processed cooling water system, and DI water piping for the clean-room. Also the electrical design and build, including power expansion, was performed by ASI.

The peak crew size was 70 MEP crafts people with over 50,000 man hours.

Air Systems incorporated energy-efficient designs and new rotary wheel technology for dehumidification, which is the first time this type of system has been installed in the state of California. The results of Air Systems™ design is utility rebates for over $120K and an annual energy savings at $175K per year.

This project was a success for both the customer and Air Systems. We exceeded the customer's expectations in green building facility design and installation.