LEED Projects

Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design

Gold Certification

Cisco Child Care & Life Connection Center - design/build, plan/spec HVAC projects that include rooftop cooling equipment, controls, VAV systems, ductwork and grilles.

Cisco McCarthy Ranch Building 2 – design/build HVAC TI projects that include heating, hot water, controls, VAV systems, ductwork and grilles. 

Google (three separate locations; each one Gold certified) - design/build new mechanical construction for HVAC, plumbing, and VAV systems, hot water, reheat. 

PG&E – design/build and retrofit of building automation controls

Edenvale Community Center – fabrication and installation of aluminum panels, metal roofing, flashings, expansion joints, trespa panels. 

Phillips Brooks School – plumbing systems installation.

Nueva School –plumbing systems installation.

Silver Certification

NetApp Building 8 – design/build of building automation controls.

The W Hotel – natural ventilation verification.

Palo Alto Medical Foundation – design/build, VAV systems with reheat. 

Intuit Building 4 – plan/spec HVAC and plumbing systems

Intuit Building 14 – plan/spec HVAC and plumbing systems

EBay 17 – design/build and installation of building automation controls